Fan Chiou Net Co., Ltd.

Professional Manufacturer of Sporting Nets


Company Introduction

Fan Chiou Net Co., Ltd. was established in 1959. We engaged in the manufacturing fishing net. We exported to Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, aside from supplying the domestic market.

Beginning in the 1960's, we added the line of sports net. The sport net products have developed fast and grown as the mainline of business. Quality is our top concern. Only with a superior quality can Fan Chiou grow and survive at the bottom line, which we have come to realize. We aggressively seek net items, new models and new techniques. That is we also tap additional dimensions from time to time. Thus our established corporation remains innovative, dynamic, and productive. We still aim to export our products. We are all ears and all eyes when a customer speaks or gestures. From the US to Europe to Australia, there are nets we build.

Quality and workmanship have been incorporated in all our products. Our nets have been used in various international tournaments, such as the Olympic games. We keep growing, moreover, by virtue of continuous quality improvement coupled with reasonable pricing. We are proud of our management philosophy of providing our worldwide customers with quality products and superior customer service. The customers' designs and OEM/ODM are welcome.

Main Products

We supply sports nets, tennis nets, soccer goal nets, handball netting, badminton nets, volleyball nets, baseball safety protectors, hockey and lacrosse goals, basketball nets, ball carrying nettings, hammock chairs, baseball tunnels, batting cage nets, fishing nets, tennis nets accessories, tennis wind screens, training goals, rebounder goals, volleyball antennas, beach volleyball sets, square screen with sock nets, pitcher's safety protectors, basemen protectors, ball bags, catch nets, catch frames, antenna pocket with logo, tennis reel, OEM & ODM, etc.