Manor Hardware Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer and supplier of cutting tools including wires, cable, tube, PVC, wood, multi function cutters, metal cutting tool export to Europe, American, South America and Japan since 1993. Technical corporation and ODM/OEM are welcome. Products certified by GS/TUV marking.

Main Products

hardware & hand tools- (1) bolt cutters- cutting tool, angular & heavy duty cutters, high tensile bolt & bend & pocket bolt cutters, wire & tradition bolt cutters & professional bolt cutters. (2) cable & wire cutters- cable & tube & pipe cutter ( cutting tools), PVC cutters, wood cutting tools, rope cutters. (3) PVC & hose cutter- cutter special blades, standard pipe cutters. (4) multi function cutters- multi angle cutting, multi function cutter, PVC pipes & hoses, profile & universal cuttings. (5) utility knife- ultra slender fixed & heavy duty retractable utility knife, heavy duty retractable & fixed utility knife ( knives). (6) hacksaw- utility knife blade, table saws, blade holders, utility knife blade dispensers.