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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Founded in 1991, Gemtek (TSE: 4906) is the world-leading provider of Wireless Broadband solutions, offering a wide range of solutions from residential to business. As one of the earliest companies who provided WLAN products, nowadays Gemtek bases on the core competency in RF/Microwave design, software engineering, and manufacturing excellence to bring products to market faster and more economically than others. With our strong strategic alliances with the worldwide chipset manufacturers as their Alpha site, Gemtek’s vision is to create a communication world without physical boundaries. Gemtek is in the business of helping the world to realize the enormous potential of a wireless broadband world.

Headquartered in Hsinchu Industrial Park, Taiwan with operation branches in the U.S.A. and Europe, Gemtek distributes products via global distributors and other partners. Gemtek thoroughly devotes itself to Wireless Broadband business by aggressively developing various Wireless Broadband centric, extensive application integrated products. On the strength of technological excellence and accumulated expertise, Gemtek’s ability of innovation and customization is highly recognized among industry.

Gemtek's quality assurance process has been certified ISO-14001/ISO-9001, together with OHSAS 18001 to form one effective integrated management system. Our primary responsibility is to continually offer high quality and functionality as well as customer oriented solutions. If your company is looking for a Wireless Broadband total solutions provider, look no further - You've found the right partner.

At Gemtek, we believe that it's our job to provide a safe and hazards-free workplace and promote environmental consciousness throughout our organization.

To make it reality, not only should we look at ways to drive environmental-friendliness in product designs, but also everything from power conservation to worker protection against occupational hazards and environmental safety are important elements that can help us become a "green company".

Main Products

1. LTE: LTE Wi-Fi Dongle, Cat 6 LTE Single Mode Indoor CPE, Cat 6 LTE / 3G Indoor CPE, Cat 4 LTE FDD /TDD Indoor CPE, Cat 4 LTE Multi-Mode Mobile Router, Cat 4 Low End LTE outdoor bridge + Indoor Wi-Fi Router.
2. Digital Home: Digital Home Power Switch, Power Line Adapter/ Module, 360 Degree Camera, All-In-One Set-Top Box, Smart Boxes.
3. VOIP: Talkfree Box, IP DECT Phone, Camtalk.
4. Network Cameras: 360° Network Camera, Cube Type Network Cameras, Fixed Box Type Networking Camera, indoor/outdoor Dome cameras, Bullet/Pan/Tilt type camera.
5. Broadband: VDSL2 Modem, GPON IAD, GPON SFU, GPON SFP.
6. Wireless Networking: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 3x3 Router, 802.11ac 3x3 Routers, 802.11ac WLAN PCI Adapter, 802.11AC WLAN USB Dongle, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 3x3 WLAN PCI Mini Card, 802.11g Wireless VoIP Gateways.
7. SIP: Portable device/Embeddd system solutions.
8. UWB: WUBW-107X UWB/Wireless USB 4-Port HUBs, Wireless USB Dongle.
9. Green: GLN Ultra-Star Network Technology.