Min Jung Hong Ing.

Best Partner of Oil Industry

No. 39, Tou Kung 6 Rd., Industrial Area, Touliu City, Yun Lin Hsien 640, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Our company was established in June, 1993, and the original sale business was to import American lubricant and distribute consumption goods for vehicles. To respond to clients’ requirements, we built a plant in Douliu industrial area of Yunlin Hsien in 1998 and cooperated with world-famous additive supplier, which supplies formulation of materials and technology for us to manufacture lubricant for automobiles and industry. We can also develop maintenance for each type of vehicles based on customers’ demands. In 2000, we brought in ISO 9002 quality guarantee system, and upgraded to ISO 9001 the next year.

Main Products

we provide car lubricants products and accessories, synthetic lubricant, metal machining oils & fluids, soluble oil & grease stick, MP lithium greases, water pump greases, cup greases, Mos2 grease, high performance motor oil, motorbike engine oil, agricultural machinery oil, semi synthetic engine oil, heavy duty machinery oil, extreme pressure gear oil, fuel injector cleaner.