Aid Electronics Corporation

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Company Introduction

Aid Electronics Corporation was established in 1983. We not only provide the highest quality product, but also the best service for our customer. We manufacturer all kinds of metalized film capacitors, our products obtain UL, CSA, VDE, IMQ, SEV, DEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO, and SEMKO safety approved, and certified by ISO 9002 quality assured firm. We are confident in our ability to present the market place with new high-tech products. In the future, we guarantee that the trade mark of comfort represents the best quality, and believe our products will bring complete satisfaction to the end user. If you are interested in our product or have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Main Products

industrial ( industry) electrical & electronics components supply ( parts supplies)- (1) metallized ( metallised) film capacitors. (2) lighting components ( light fixture, fluorescent light fixtures)- lightings ( lights, lamps) capacitors, electrical starters, electronics ( electric) ballasts, magnetic ballasts. (3) IGBT Snubber capacitors. (4) noise suppression capacitors- X2 safety ( safe) capacitors. (5) box ( boxes) capacitor, axial capacitors, lighting capacitors, compressor capacitors, motor start & run ac capacitors. (6) capacitors, conduction cooled capacitors- ceramic capacitors, CCC capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, resistors. (7) custom-made ( custom made, custommade, customed) molds ( moldeds, moldings, moulds, mouldeds, mouldings, molders, moulders) exploitations. (8) power capacitors, films, metalized polypropylene file capacitors, multilayers.