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New Clamp Cores For Round Cables (Ferrite Cores)

clamp core for round cable

  • Model No: RC TYPE
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Split ferrite cores with Snap case (housing).
2. Easy and cost saving for round cable assembly.
3. For attenuating the emi from the cable.

Specification :

DIMENSIONS & CHARACTERISTICS                                                                     UNIT:mm
1RC 10*20*5M13.00±1.0012.00±1.005.00±1.0025.50±1.002.40±0.503.53
2RC 12*15*7M14.00±1.0015.50±1.007.00±1.0018.00±1.0022.00±1.0072
3RC 13*23*7M17.00±1.0015.00±1.007.00±1.0030.00±1.003.00±1.0043
4RC 14*28.5*7M20.00±1.0020.00±1.008.50±1.0039.00±1.00-74
5RC 16*13*8M19.50±1.0023.00±1.008.00±1.0017.00±1.0023.00±1.0081
6RC 16*16*8M19.20±1.0023.40±1.008.20±1.0020.00±1.0026.10±1.0081
7RC 16*28*8M119.50±1.0020.00±1.009.50±1.0031.00±1.0035.00±1.0082
8RC 16*28*9M119.50±1.0020.00±1.009.50±1.0031.00±1.0035.00±1.0092
9RC 16*28*9M220.00±1.0018.00±1.009.50±1.0036.00±1.006.50±1.0093
10RC 17.5*28.5*9.5 17.50±0.3028.50±0.609.50±0.258.75+0(-0.6)-96
11RC 17*28*11M20.50±1.0020.50±1.0011.00±1.0031.50±1.0036.00±1.00112
12RC 20*30*5M23.00±1.0022.00±1.005.00±1.0036.00±1.0010.00±1.004*1.55
13RC 20*30*13M23.00±1.0022.00±1.0013.50±1.0036.00±1.0010.00±1.00123
14RC 20.5*10*10.2M24.50±1.0028.50±1.0010.20±1.0013.50±1.0020.00±1.00101
15RC 24*14*11.5M28.00±1.0031.50±1.0011.50±1.0018.00±1.0024.00±1.0011.51
16RC 25*12*15M29.00±1.0033.00±1.0015.00±1.0015.50±1.0021.50±1.00151
17RC 26*30*13M30.75±1.0031.00±1.0013.00±1.0034.00±1.0039.00±1.00132
18RC 35.5*15*23 35.50±0.6015.00±0.4022.50-23.0017.40±0.20-226

1. Other sizes are available upon request.
2. All the data listed in this catalogue are for reference only; King Core reserves the right to alter or revise the specifications without prior notification.

Sample Information

Total Available Quantity :
5 piece
Per Delivery Quantity :
2 piece
Sample Fees :
Freight Fees :
Shipment :
Delivery Time :

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