Yih Pron Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Yihporn has been established for more than 18 years in the Automotive Air Conditioning industry is one of leading manufacturer and exporter in the Automotive Air Conditioning business.

Yihporn is specialized in manufacturing and exporting Auto Air Conditioning Part, Auto Parts, Receiver Drier, Manifold Gauge Set, A/C Tool, Expansion Valve, Accumulator Adapter, Charging Hose, Charging Valve, Air Filter, and O-Ring.

Teamwork has played an essential role in Yihporn's success. Not only have these teams increased productivity but they have increased employee satisfaction and retention as well. The organization of Yihporn management consisting of self-supervised teams has made Yihporn what we are today -a leader in our field of business.

All empolyees are well trained, a full team-concept is in place, and employee sastisfication is reflected in their longevity with company. We all know what are our goals and we all agree on the best way to meet them. The training enables us to extraordinary things for customers.

Our customer depend on products and rely on testing. Yihporn is committed to continuous quality improvement and customer satisfication. To ensure we understand customer needs by exceeding customer expectations for over all performance.

We have shared excellent reputation by Quality People, Quality Products and Quality Services.

As we unceasingly research and develop new ranges for customers and markets. We shall be pleased to cooperate with you to boost your sales. We are not going to lose you in electric messaging or voices. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Products

receiver driers, expansion valves, vacuum actuators, A/C tools, manifold set with sight glass, exchange, o-rings, accumulators.