Jiann Wa Electronics Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of LED Lamps & Polyester Film Capacitor.


Company Introduction

Jiann Wa Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 equipped with production devices from Europe, U.S. and Japan with material imported from Japan. Specializing in manufacturing of all kinds of LED lamps and polyester film capacitors, Jiann Wa offers its expertise to meet customers' requirements and provides good quality and service. Our main product has two types: emitting color and Non-emitting color. Emitting colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. On the other hand, non-emitting colors are Infrared ray and photoelectric objects. Specialize in manufacturing all kinds of L.E.D. (emitting and non-emitting) with stable quality, delicate, and precise products. In the future, we have confidence to win the loyalty of customer. Welcome to join us now.

Main Products

Manufacturer of all kinds of optoelectronic components & parts, including LED lamps, lights emitting diodes, high power LED, LED display, phototransistors, SMD LED, flashing & infrared LED, screw lights, film capacitors, LED indicators, message signs, light pens, PEI & mylar capacitors, LED resistors, photo interrupters, polyester film capacitors, flux LEDs, LED traffic lights, and etc.