King Can Industry Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

King Can Industry Corporation was established in 1977 and is a subsidiary of "Wei-Chuan Group" in Taiwan. Our main products are CO2 sensor, food containers (bottles, caps, spoons, forks), plastic gears, precise molds, tinplate cans, and etc. To our pleasure, we had qualified for the quality assurance of ISO 9001:2000 versions in 2001. Under the rule of thumb of steady growth and development substantiation, we are working to "satisfy customer needs and create maximum values" We are friendly to look forward to setting up a good business relationship between your company and King Can. If you want to know more information regarding our company and products or make an inquiry, please contact us now.

Main Products

consumer ( consumptions) electronics ( electric, electrical) products supply ( supplies)- co2 sensor, co2 ( carbon dioxide) sensors, co2 detectors & monitors, analyzer carbon dioxide dissolved, custom-made ( custom made, custommade, customed) plastic injection ( injecting, injected, inject) molds ( moldeds, moldings, moulds, mouldeds, mouldings, molders), plastic caps, plastic cups, plastic spoons , medical molds, OEM medical products, automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, auto, autocars, auto-cars) parts ( components), plastic gears, aftermarket auto body & custom parts, computer ( PC, NB, notebook, laptop) & camera & optical ( optics) parts, PP juice & PE milk bottles, spout caps, parts assembly ( assemblies) contract manufacturing, micro optical OEM.