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Cigs Thin Film Solar Panels


  • Model No: PM-C72 (130W~155W)
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

*Glass-Foil-Laminate with Aluminum Frame.
*Use high conversion efficiency solar cell.
*TEST ID for each panel.
*Working well at cloudy country.
*Maximum System Voltage:US-600CDC, Europe-1000VDC
*Bypass diode minimizes the power drop by shade.
*Product guarantee 5 years.
*Limited power output warranty:
*10 years on minimum 90% output
*20 years on minimum 80% output.

Specification :

 Model No.PM-C72-155TFPM-C72-145TFPM-C72-130TF
Type of ModuleC72
Maximum Power (TOL. ±5%)(Pmax)W155145130
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmpp)V28.727.3625
Maximum Power Current (Impp)A5.45.35.2
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)V41.238.834.8
Short Circuit Current(Isc)A6.76.76.7
Module Efficiency%98.427.54
No. and Type of CellsPCS72PCS Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide solar cells
Maximum System VoltageVU.S. 600 VDC ; Europe 1000 VDC
Junction Box IP 65 with 2 bypass diodes ; cables Ø4 mm² ; Connector Tyco or Similar
Serial Fuse RatingA10
Operating Temperature°C-40 to +85
Mechanical RatingsPa2400 Pa Correspond to a wind speed of 130km/h
Dimensionsmm890 x 1936 x 50
STC: Irradiance level 1000 w/m² ;
Spectral AM 1.5 ; cell temperature 25°C
NOCT. 45 ± 2°CTemperature 
coefficient of Isc
0.01 % / °C
10 years power 90% output warranty ;
20 years power 80% output warranty
of 5 years
coefficient of Voc
-0.5 % / °C
coefficient of Pmax
-0.5 % / °C

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