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CIGS Thin Film Solar Panel


  • Model No: PM-145CIGS~165CIGS (145W~165W)
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

*High-Efficiency CIGS Solar Module

*Advanced proprietary CIGS thin-film technology
*Plus sorting at +5W to -0W
*Up to 5% additional energy yield due to light soaking effect
*Low temperature coefficient provides energy yield benefits
*Aesthetically appealing all-black appearance
*Framed module designed for easy use with industry-standard mounting systems
*Etched, unchangeable serial numbers for full traceability of each module

*Product guarantee 5 years
Limited power output warranty:
10 years on minimum 90% output
25 years on minimum 80% output

Specification :

Model No.PM-145CIGS~165CIGS (145W~165W)
Maximum Power (Pmax) Rating+5/-0W     165      160155150145
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp)V68.566.764.662.560.4
Maximum Power Current (Impp)A2.412.402.402.402.40
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)V88.787.886.986.185.2
Short Circuit Current (Isc)A2.662.662.662.662.66
Module Efficiency%15.214.714.313.813.3
Max. reserve currentA6.5
Maximum System VoltageVIEC : 1000 VDC ; UL : 600 VDC
Junction box, connector IP 67, MC-4 compatible
Output cable in inchesmm14AWG (2.5mm2), 39.3 (1000)
Operating Temperature°C-40 to 85
Dimensionsmm1656 x 656 x 35
Safety class II
Fire rating Class C
STC : irradiance level 1000w/m² spectrum
AM1.5 cell temperature 25 °C
Temperature Coefficient of Current  0.01% / °C
Temperature Coefficient of Voltage- 0.29% / °C
Temperature Coefficient of Power- 0.30% / °C

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