Ji-Shen Electronic Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
(1)Garage door Switch
(2)Garage door Switch Remote Control
(3)Roller door Motor
(4)Roll up garage door Opener
(5)Roll up garage door Operator
(6)Photoelectric Sensor
(7)Reflective photoelectric beam Sensor
(8)Through beam photoelectric sensor
(9)Garage door Control Unit
(10) Garage door Control Box

Our business target is to provide most completed technique, installation, maintenance, most updating service to all of our clients so that our products can possess high reputation from domestic to global market. During recent years, we create the high reputation about our quality and export most our products to worldwide. Therefore, distributing our products in all locations in worldwide is our final target, firmly roots in Taiwan is what we never forget.

Main Products

we provide-
(1) Rf remote control, hopping code remote control, fixed code remote control, garage door remote control, roll up door remote control, sliding gate remote control, ODM remote control, universal remote control, door remote control, waterproof transmitter, universal transmitter, door transmitter, shutter transmitter, gate transmitters, garage door sensor, door sensor alarm garage door beam sensor ,garage door alarm sensor.
(2) Roll up door opener, roll up door operator, rolling up door opener, rolling up door operator, Gliderol opener, automatic door opener, automatic door operator, shutter operator, shutter opener, garage door opener, garage door operator.
(3) ir sensor, door sensor, shutter sensor, parking sensor, park sensor, photoelectric beam, through beam, reflective photocell, photocell, photoelectric sensor, infrared sensor, photocell sensor, beam sensor, garage door infrared sensors, gate remote control, shutter remote control, transmitter, rf transmitter.
(4) roll shutter UPS, garage door UPS, roll up door UPS, DC-24V UPS.