General Jack Enterprise Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturers and supplies of network and telecommunication accessories including ADSL splitters, filters, telephone cords, fiber optical connectors, modular jacks, modular plugs and modular adapters supplied worldwide for over 15 years. Product certified by ISO 9001:1999 and TL9000:2001.

Main Products

telecommunication accessories- network communication products such as ADSL splitters, isdn connection, isdn pri, isdn lines, electric splitters, cable coaxial splitters, filter devices, DSL filters, networking equipments, electrical connectors, fiber optic connectors, fiber optical patch cords, modular jack accessories, digital calbe filters, modular plugs, modular adapters, modular telephone accessory, STP/ UTP cables, telecom connectors, phone wire connectors, phone cords, telephone cords for (handsets, auto retractable cords to modem applications) , telephone plugs, phone components, telephone sockets, modular phone jacks, keystone jack wall plates, cat 5 cables, cat 6 cables, phone wireless, conversion connectors, retractable phone cords, spool cords.