System General Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of desktop ATX SMPS controllers, offline PWM controllers, power factor correction, and IP development, universal device programmers, engineering programmer, production programmer, automated device programming and testing systems.

Main Products

IC ( integrated circuits), power IC, PWM IC, PWM control IC ( PWM controller), power management IC, PFC, power factor correction, SPS, switch power supply, SMPS, switching mode power supply, switch mode power supplies, ATX power supply, custom power supply, AC DC ( AC to DC) off line controllers, green modes, blue angels, power savings, PWM switching IC, green chips, power chips, IC design houses, off line controllers, AC to DC adapters, AD DC adaptors, DC DC ( DC to DC) converters, current sharing, CCM, DCM, flybacks, forwards, green modes, LDO, analog IC, PWM controllers, device programmers.