Hsiang Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Braiding Machines


Company Introduction

Hsiang Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a field which combines new ideas, technologies and experiences. Hsiang Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years experience and a young team with passion and desire for developing and producing weaving machine. From program design and product development to manufacture of main machine parts and machine assembly are completed consistently. Our current items consist of over 300 models, covering every single sector. The models in this catalog are specific pipes, high/low pressure hoses, safety conducting cord, electrical cord, etc, corresponding to all kinds of wire materials; stainless-steel wire, steel wire, bronze wire, tin-plating wire, fiber wire, golden thread, nylon thread, cotton thread, etc. The weaving production contains a large range. Our business policy is to offer high quality, good reputation, reasonable price and good after-sale service.
Our goal is to grow together with our customers and satisfy. If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact with us.

Main Products

Manufacturer of weaving machine- fishing net and line braiding machine, high & low pressure tube braiding machines, wire & cable braiding machines, scoil winding machines, bobbin winder machine, coil winding machines, braiding knit machines, yarn winder, automatic sewing thread winder, high pressure hose winders, cable winders, sewing thread winding machines, thread rolling machines.