Handy-Age Industrial Co., Ltd.

Industrial supplies & consumer products are developed and manufactured either in Taiwan or China


Company Introduction

Established in 1981, Handy-Age offers a wide range of quality, innovative items, especially in the field of industrial supplies and consumer products as well as in personal safety, and etc. A highly experienced team in applied R & D is always ready to provide customers with an integrated service, including product innovation and OEM/ODM. With knowledge and awareness of the sales network in Taiwan and China, the professional and enthusiastic team at Handy-Age dedicates themselves in assisting customers to attain what is needed with the best profitability. Handy-Age has prided itself on providing global customers not only with the latest information, but also a deliverance of solid expertise. It is always a pleasure to welcome your further contacts.

Main Products

Exporter of (1) air tools, CNC machine tools, metalworking machines, engraving & milling machine, drilling machines, dust collector, horizontal bandsaw, vertical bandsaws, tapping machines. (2) hand tools, clamps, cordless tools, DIY tools, gear pullers, hand power puller, lubrications, grease guns, magnetic pick up tools, multi functional tools, electronic pliers, wrench, screws, screwdrivers. (3) outdoor sporting goods- archery, crossbows, slingshots, BBQ tools, charcoal grills, gas grills, caps, hats, cooler warmers, thermoelectric coolers, bench chairs, camp chairs, foldable tables, pedometers, waterproof bags, ice scrapers, snow grabbers, snow pads, ice grips, snow shoes, snow brush, snow shovels. (4) aids for elderly, crutch, walking sticks, bath bench, commode chairs, alcohol testers, cold / hot gel packs, digital thermometer, massage belt, exercise bike, sports protectors, health care protector, breast checkers. (5) security products- stun guns, handcuffs, alarms, metal batons, metal detectors, pepper sprayers, stun batons. (6) gardening products- connectors, garden tool kits, rakes & lawn cares, shears, sprinklers, trigger nozzles. (7) outdoor lighting- auto lantern, camping lights, flashlights, head lights, LED street lamps, rechargeable lanterns, weather proof lanterns. (8) household & kitchenware- coffee makers, electronic repellers, humidifiers, meat grinders, sewing kits, sponge towels, steam cleaner mops, toasters.