ACBA Incorporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of automotive special tools in Taiwan since 1987. The products include garage shop equipments, pneumatic tools, automotive special tools, motorcycle special tools, pressure pots, body repair tools, body finishing tools, etc.

Main Products

(1) hand tools ( handtools), automotive repair tool, spray paint gun accessory, motorcycle special tools, pneumatic air tools- air brushes & sanders, pressure tanks, undercoating guns, air &riveters & hammers, tool chests, roller carts, spray guns, air micro die grinders, air control units, sand blasting equipments, parts washers, air compressors, air tool accessory ( accessories), tire tools, oil filter wrenches, steel stamps, pipe cutters, hose cutters, cylinder hones, auto body finishing solutions, air get guns, dry flowing guns, dryer guns. (2) others- sand blasting equipments, assortments, parts washing machines.