U-CAN-DO Hardware Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of wall hangers, metal picture hangers, all purpose hooks, wires, nails and screws.

Main Products

(1) hangers- picture hangers, hard wall hangers, plastic adhesive hangers, super hangers, plastic tile hangers, flowery cloth hangers, screw eyes, pender hangers, universal plate hangers, suction hangers, swivel loop hangers, push pin hangers, ring hangers.
(2) hooks- picture hooks, cup hooks, square hooks, screw hooks, s hooks, gate hooks, safety gate hooks, safety cup hooks, mirror holders, magnetic hooks, hat hooks, swag hooks, ceiling hooks, bicycle hooks, tool hooks, utility hooks, foldable tool hooks, extension cord hooks, hose hooks.
(3) hardware parts and products- wires, screws, nylon anchors, plastic anchors, carpet nails, upholstery nails, thumb tacks, adhesive cloth eyelets, coat & eye bolts, hitching bolts.
(4) others- plastic shelf supports, magnetic clips, push pins, ski racks, ladder carrier, vinyl covered pegs, tool holders.