Lemar Industrial Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Built in 1986 as a manufacturer of supplying professional technical assistance designs and manufactures in data communications industry. The main products include RF connector, LAN balun, CCITT G.703 telecommunication balun, CCTV video balun and Cat 5e/Cat 6.

Main Products

Data communication and networking components products -(1) network cabling accessories and parts- IBM token ring cabling system, data connector kits, LAN balun and cable tamer, self-terminating T-cable, non-power AS/400.3X UTP star hub.
(2) CCITT G.703- single, dual, keyston type, mini baluns.
(3) CCTV security system- single, keyston type, mini baluns, video balin, balun.
(4) electrical connectors- RF connectors.
(5) others- Cat 5e/Cat 6- STP, UTP, keystone Jack, 4/16 type 3 media filters.