Chi Ming Electronics Corp.

Manufacturer of LED Lamps and Bulbs For Home Decoration and Car led Lamps LED indicator light.

Rm. 1, 9F, No. 229, Fuxing 2nd Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 30271, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Chi Ming Electronics Corp. was established in 1984 in Taiwan in the first few years our main products are MINIATURE LAMPLS. As a manufacture of electronics in China, after many years' development in the year 1993, we formed a new factory in mainland China, and then we begin to produce many new items , such as NEON LAMPS , FASTOON , WEDGE LAMPS...etc. They are mainly for Auto /motorcycle, electron products, lighting, machinery equipment, flashlight and any consumers' products. Moved to mainland China and covering area of 9000 square meter, 20 production lines, more than 200 employees, every month we produce 5500,000 pieces of lamps for sale to all over the world, they are mainly LEDs, and all of our products meet the international standard ISO 9001, We also do OEM, we have technology department and can design out any customer’s requested products. With nearly 20 years producing experience in electronics and firm development, we can now provide competitive price and good delivery and a guarantee that the company is going to be here supports you before and after your buying our products with efficiency. We sincerely hope we can be of service to all of our valuable customers all over the world.

Automotive LED- (Ceramic materials).
Chi Ming Electronics Corp. The use of newly developed ceramic materials into the LED package, in a variety of vehicle applications, such as the direction of light, brake light, road vehicles between the warning lights and indoor lighting. Automotive LED requirements of high quality, ceramic materials LED at -20 degrees C in the low-temperature, +40 degrees C in the high-temperature and high humidity environment, the use of high-reliability. Automotive LED lights take into account the user's environment in space, if installed in the engine under high temperature. LED light intensity at a high temperature very quickly decay, Chiming ceramic materials LED with good thermal design to do. Car battery voltage is for the pace car and the ups and downs. Voltage rise caused by current LED large. R&D CHIMING efficient drive circuit. Users use ceramic materials LED.10V ~ 35V constant current. LED high-power high-efficiency power.

Main Products

Manufacturer of LED Lights for car and home decoration- auto LED light, car neon light, LED truck light, turn signal lights, LED head lamps, auto bulb, fog & stop lamps, indicator lights, super bright white LED, household light bulbs, energy saving light bulbs, motorcycle LED lights, day LED lights, license plate lamps, dashboard lights, miniature LED light, flashing LED lights, spot & wedge lamps, side marker lamp, side and day lights, Christmas lights, LED light bars, interior LED lighting, hight power LED, interior LED lighting, interior LED lightings, power LEDs.