Hsiang Cheng Electric Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Hsiang Cheng Electric Corp. was established on September 3, 1979. Our goal is to design and manufacture the whole series products for power system. Being led by the approval of ISO9001 and ISO9002, we are always having the quality principle of best quality, best service and best technique skill. For over 20 years, we contribute ourselves and always strive on developing the durable and stable products for the usage of the power system. We have earned excellent customer feedbacks and marketing reputation from all over the world. We have the products for both measuring instruments and power distribution systems for utilities and industries. Through the different time phase, we have developed various series products to match the various marketing demand. We truly believe that to give our customers the best service is the main purpose for ours and also our long-term responsibility.

Main Products

(1) measuring ( measurement ) instruments, electrical testing instruments, switchgear components- digital power meters, KWH meters, power transducers, power transmitters, power calibrator ( calibration) instruments, power energy test benches, test bench, meter testing systems, field testing meters, power quality meters, energy meters, tariff meters, digital panel meters, digital multimeters, potentiometers, multimeter, multifunction power meters, electricity meters, electronic measurement instruments. (2) power system control instruments- data concentrators, DTU ( distribution terminal units), FTU ( feeder terminal units, pole RTU ), SA ( substation automation) systems, DA ( distribution automation) systems, FA (factory automation), power SCADA ( supervisory control and data acquisition ), PEMS ( power and energy management system), HC DTMS ( distributed terminal management systems), remote terminal units, remote terminal unit equipments, electronic test instruments, electronic transducers. (3) motor protection relays.