Lian Dung Electric Wire Material Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of the wired, power cord sets and wiring harnesses approved by varied standards are widely used in household electronics, computers, electrical powered tools and pumps, etc. Dongguan Lian Dung passed ul, ISO-9002 certification while taiwan lian dung obtained bsi, ISO-9002 certification in 1999. Argentine approval iram certification listed in 1999 and hangzhou leadership passed ul ISO-9002 certification in 2001.

Main Products

Manufacturer of power strips, electric plugs, ICE type plugs, Australia type plugs, Europe type plugs, UK type plugs, US type plugs, IEC type plugs, UL angle type plug, UL type medical plug, power supply cord, power cord, ac power cord, power cable, ac power cable, electrical wire, power wire, Dc power cord, wire harness.