Yuan Chin Tae Ind. Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Centrifugal, Gravity and Sand Casting.

Company Information

Company Introduction :

Yuan Chin Tae Ind. Co., Ltd. adopts centrifugal casting production for better casting quality in order to avoid from the defects caused by traditional sand casting. Our products include copper alloy castings, gravity castings, centrifugal castings, sand castings, PBC, ALBC, HBsC3, LBC, BC, Cu-Si, brass, nickel-tin bronze, gun metals, silicon bronze, OEM, and the like. The features of centrifugal casting techniques are precision alloy organization, excellent machine performance and the casting impartial, which are attributed to the effect of centrifugal force and the rapidly cooling temperature. For ensuring the better QA, we use spectrometers and high frequency equipments. Customers' specifications are welcome. Moreover, we take it for grand to provide the high quality at competitive prices, prompt delivery, and good after services to our clients worldwide. Please browse our website or contact us via email anytime.

Main Products :

Manufacturer of copper alloy, castings, gravity casting, centrifugal casting, sand casting, PBC (phosphor bronze), ALBC, HBsC3, LBC, BC, Cu-Si, Brass, nickel-tin bronze, gun metal, silicon bronze (SIBC), aluminum bronze by centrifugal casting production, OEM, and the like.

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer
Year Established : 1997
Company Capital : USD 0 ~ 1,000,000
Annual Revenue : USD 0 ~ 1,000,000
President : Mr. Yung Te Wu
No. of Total Staff : 1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets : Taiwan
Trade Term : FOB
Shipment : Truck
Currency : TWD
Negotiable : Negotiable

Yuan Chin Tae Ind. Co., Ltd.

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