Hung-Hsin Ceramic Co. Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of ceramic porous filters, ceramic insulation tubes, long-sized ceramic tubes, far-infrared ceramic products, ceramic grinding balls, aluminum oxide shafts, far-infrared ceramic powders, etc.

Main Products

electronic components & parts- (1) porous filters- ceramic grinding balls, air dissolution helpers, air stones, ceramic heaters, ceramic cartridges, porous ceramics. (2) ceramic insulation tubes, optical catalyst carriers, functional filters. (3) long-sized ceramic tubes- high-temperatured resistant white tubes, glazed ceramic tubes, extrusion of ceramic tubes, ceramic wicks. (4) far-infrared products- ceramic bracelets, ceramic teapots, ceramic necklaces, cocktail mixing rods, handheld massage balls, ceramic shoe insoles, sunstroke relievers, hairdressing curlers. (5) grinding balls, aluminum oxide shafts. (6) coating & far-infrared materials- far-infrared ceramic powders.