Long Hwa Screw Works Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Long Screws.

No. 9, 1st Street, Putz Industrial Area, Chiayi Hsien 600, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Established in 1988, Long Hwa has had over 20 years of solid experience in the screw manufacturing business. Started out as a traditional OEM factory, Long Hwa began with inherited knowledge and techniques passed on by Japanese predecessors. As the company developed with years of experience, we took on challenges from every aspect of our service. By improving and taking on new challenges, Long Hwa aggressively seeks out new and more interactive ways to cooperate with our customers. Our logo consists of colors red and blue, symbolizing our aggressive, devoted approach towards our product and services. As professional manufacturer, we place heavy investment in our quality control. Screws are tested during every process of the production with precise measuring equipments. Inspection guidelines are followed strictly to insure our quality meets international standards. Through times of challenge and difficulties, Long Hwa continues to insist on stable quality and customer satisfaction. In 2002, Long Hwa had obtained the ISO2001 9000 Certification, crediting our superior quality and services. In 2005, we were also certified with ISO14001, acknowledging our efforts toward environmental safety. As a responsible company should, we keep seeking out new methods to conserve hazardous waste and minimize industrial pollution. We believe that improvement in working environment is the key for higher quality and international recognition. We warmly welcome you for a chance of cooperation and sincerely wish for long-term successful partnership.

Main Products

Manufacturer of long screws, including chipboard screws, concrete screws, drilling screws, distance screws, bi-metal & bi-mixed screws, special screws, self-drilling screws, head & wafer head screws, hex head screws, hexagon washers, serration screws, conical washers, drill point screws, thread types screws, EPDM washers, cylinder head screws, flat head screw with nibs, full & double thread screw, sharp & diamond & spoon point screw, OEM, ODM, and so on.