Wingsafe Technology Inc.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Supplier and exporter of proximity card readers (EM compatible), smart card readers, biometric fingerprint recognition, RS-232/RS485/TCP/IP converters, contactless card, waterproof electromagnetic lock.

Main Products

safety & security products- (1) indoor & outdoor electromagnetic locks, electrical locks & accessory ( accessories), shear locks, door locks, strike locks, electric bolt locks, waterproof electromagnetic locks. (2) contanct less card readers- EM thick cards, key chains, IC cards, Mifare S50 & S70 ISO cards. (3) Mifare card readers- proximity readers, proximity sensors, proximity cards, smart card readers, finger print ( fingerprints) recognitions ( identifications), access control systems, time attendance recorders, time and attendance solutions, RFID products, contactless cards.