Lien Cheng Envrironment Technology Inc.

Manufacturer of PP Woven Fabric Bags, Plastic Wood Products & Geo Synthetic Products.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of PP woven fabric bags, plastic wood products & geo synthetic products, including corner stripes, carring stripes, window beams, door frames, woven geo texile, woven geo tube, woven geo bags, etc.

Main Products

(1) packaging materials- PP woven fabric rolls, onion bags. (2) construction fabric & materials, flat yarn extrusion line. (3) plastic wood composite extruding products- circular looms, circular loom, corner stripes, carring stripes, window beams, door frames, parquets, fences, paddles, art boards, furniture, woven wood & Venetian blinds, mirror frames, picture & window frames, staircases, floor panels, curtain racks, decorative ( decoration) strips, skirting boards, ground covers. (4) geo synthetic products, environment ( eco) friendly products- woven geotextile ( geo textile), woven geotubes, woven geo bags, jumbo bags, ground covers, gabion, gabions, geotextile, geotextiles, woven bag machinery, wood plastic profile extruders ( extruding machines).