Guangdong Fivestar Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

Professional in Flat Plate Solar Water Heater.


Company Introduction

Guangdong Fivestar Solar Energy Co., Ltd. is founded in 1990, located in Guangdong province- south of China. Being a leading solar corporation in large scale and of rich technologies, it ranks the TOP 10 solar manufacturers in China and is a famous enterprise nationwide. Since the foundation in 1990, Guangdong Fivestar Solar insists on pioneering in technology and high quality products. Our products are of the following advantages: durability, precision, delicacy, efficiency, and accurate function. Our customers are spreading everywhere. Guangdong Fivestar Solar welcome you to join and be honor to accept your suggestions. And we are very glad to srve you at any time.

Main Products

kitchen & household goods, electric home appliances, industrial supply ( supplies)- (1) solar panel. (2) solar engineering, vacuum tube solar water heaters, flat plate solar water heaters, solar panels. (3) heat pump water heaters, air heat pump water heaters. (4) solar photovoltaic products- lawn lights ( lighting), solar battery ( batteries), multi crystal battery, solar radios, solar courtyard lights, solar floodlights, solar battery subassembly, solar cooling caps, silicon solar battery. (5) fuel boilers, electronic hot water boilers. (6) kitchenware- refrigerating cabinets, washing tables, show refrigerating cabinets. (7) environmental protection equipments- water purification filters, ventilation & dust removal engineering, envelope dust collectors, noise comprehensive treatment engineering, waste gases purify equipments, chrome waste water purification equipments, imported swimming pool equipments agents.