The Everjuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

The Everjuan Enterprise Co., Ltd established from 1982, we position our business to the components of mechanical and electrical product, mold and plastic parts. Also develop and produce the synchronous motor, precise mold and plastic injection. Then, we anlarged our investment in new products' developing and created new products design energetically to meet international market trend. In 2003, we built new clean manufacture environment and renew precise facilities to upgrade our service to customers. "Quality, Sincerity, Originality" is the core of its business philosophy. Emphasis on employees training, pursuit of high quality, heavy R&D investment and completely independent production establishment are the corner stones of its perpetual business foundation. Welcome you to join!

Main Products

Manufacturer of mold and plastic parts such as medical plastic injection, medical plastic mouldings & devices, silicone molds, electronic precision plastic parts, communication components, appliance and photo electronics, motor, motors- synchronous & stepping motors.