Sheng Fwu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Sheng-Fwu Ltd., established in 2000, is devoted to research & development, innovation, and high quality. Our team works hard to do their best to provide the “Yes View Filter” series products for customers. We formally enter the development area of input equipment and our products become our customers’ first choice day by day in the marketplace. Recently we produce some plastic and hardware accessories and think it’s time to come out, we believe our customers will be satisfied with them as our computer peripherals.

The marketplace is more competitive, so we try to develop various products; run our business in a more efficient manner; organize the best management team, and build the best R&D team to support our market in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Our mission is to respond to the trend of the times, fulfill the actual needs of the enterprise, provide the best customer service, and continue research for new products.

In terms of price, LCD monitors and Notebooks are more and more popular in the global market. Customers will be using more LCD monitors than CRTs in the near future. According the changes in market trends we have developed LCD, Notebook, Filter and Touching Monitors. All products are cut-and-scratch-damage free, limit exposure to ultraviolet rays and increase the contrast range of colors. The monitors will last longer and the quality is definitely improved.

The IT industry plays an essential role in Taiwan economy , so we must work hard to increase knowledge of the global economy and our highly competitive situation. Our long-term goal is to extend our product line worldwide, strengthen our organization, and provide professional service. Our main objective is to have maximum efficiency at all time.

Main Products

1. Monitor Filter
2. Keyboard Drawer
3. CPU Stand
4. Copy Holder
5. CD/Disk Box
6. Mouse Holders
7. Phone Stand
8. Monitor Shelf
9. Mouse Pad
10. PS2/USB/Wireless Mouse
11. Multimedia Speakers and Headphone/ Microphone
12. Wrist Gel Rest Support Mat Mouse
13. Keyboard
14. Plastic Decorations