Micro Galaxy International Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Micro Galaxy International Co., Ltd. started textile business in end 1983. In first quarter 1984, we also developed business into importing magnetic heads. In 1987, Micro diversified import business into exporting computer parts to Yugoslavia through Slovenia. In 1989, we established an office in Hong Kong. Micro focused on developing multimedia and SOHO OA products such as MIGA Voodoo Banshee Cards; MIGA CD-R/RW/DVD; MIGA Booky - all purpose small PC; MICROATX Barebone Systems; Multimedia and Super Mini Notebooks ; etc. From 1999 thru the milleninum 2000 until now MIGA concentrates in all kinds of media discs, laser locked CD, VCD, multimedia small PC systems, notebooks, PDA, ETC. We are proud to announce our innovative CD-R series in unique design, quality andunder copy protections. Micro is closely related with various groups of leading Computer Industries. Our aims are to provide full line services to all Potential Customers in the most efficient and cost saving ways.

Main Products

Manufacturer of PC peripherals & parts (accessories)include (1) CDR, CD rom, CD RW media, blank CDR DVDR & replication & media, CDR copy DVD, notebook computers, DVDR, drives, VoIP service & solutions, cell phones accessories, digital picture frames, LCD monitors & televisions, plasma TV, CDR/RW, DVDR/RW, drives, CD & CDR holders, two fold mo & disk wallets. (2) handsfree audio video systems, Bluetooth audio video systems.