Hangzhou Linan Chuangxin Coaxial Cable Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Hangzhou Linan Chuangxin Coaxial Cable Co., Ltd. make extra-high voltage power cable, owns high skills, advanced technology, manufacturing and supervising instruments superior to others. With a famous brand "chuangXin" and a capability of producing more than nine thousand kilometers wire-cables, ChuangXin can produce hundreds of type of cables including 7552、5052、RG59、KG6、RG7、RG11 and so on, and has spread its products throughout all china, even out to the European and some East-north Asia countries. Though having yotten the approval from the province quality control. After years of hardworking, we did get some success in some areas. However, we all attribute these to the society and our customers, we all focus on our products quality, make new innovation, and provide best service with best price.

Main Products

Manufacturer of various cables, including coaxial cables, RG 59 coaxial drop cables, RG 6 drop cables, RG 7 drop cables, RG 11 drop cables, telephone cable, telecom cable, phone cable, communication cable, electric wires and cable, wires cable assemblies supplied to China, European and some East-north Asia countries. We are still trying to make our quality beyond the normal standard. By doing so, suceessfully obtain ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.