Benz Electronic Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of mini-electronic products, including flashlights, LED head lights, LED torchs, safety lights, massage balsl, wall lights, trimmers and shavers export to woldwide since 1978. The customers' designs and OEM/ODM are welcome.

Main Products

(1) electric ( electrical) products & electronic products- tops & wall light, torches (with magnifier & whistle), head lamps, 2 in 1 led torches, led torches (rubber finished type), car indoor light, metal led lid flashers, plastic bottle lid torches (with key chain), flasher key chains ( keychains), flasher pins, baby stroller safety light, baby stroller safety light, red & clear strobe round lamps, multi stationery tools, office multi tools, mini torches (with strap), small translucent flashlight (with key chain), mini fans (for car), card light, car shake light, led torches (with key chain), led star sparkling sticks (with key chain), crystal flasher night light (for car decor & house), crystal flasher phone sensors, led cube light, laser pointers (with key chain), aluminum torches, tire valve cap light, door flashers (for car), led flashing badge (with magnet), dual head & led light (with clip), pot light, nail set, tool kit (with key chain), mini multi tools. (2) bath accessory ( accessories)- bath massage (ball,hand,soap,apple shape), body massagers, body massagers, recycle environments hangers. (3) automotive ( automobile, car, vehicle) parts & accessory ( accessories)- love heart lamps, led lighting, led lighting, led & neon brake light, led luminance pedal set, led windscreen washer nozzle light, led windscreen washer nozzle light, valve flash lamps, led audio frame (with sound sensor & 7 colors changeable), neon light license frame, black neon light, neon speaker light (with sound sensor), circular car indoor lamps, neon shift knobs, neon audio frame sound sensor, neon mark light, laser strobe light, flash strobe light, strobe light & led type side lamps, electric ( electrical) siren horns, central locking nostem, auto mobile alarms, mini super bright led, crystal light. (4) other products- electronic stereo speakers, shoe brushers (battery operated), mini fan with colored led.