HY Electronic Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

HY Electronic Corp. is mainly dedicated to the product development, manufacture and sales of rectifier diode and bridge rectifier. The major production facilities of HY Electronics include the diffusion furnace, Die Saw machine, and higher precise air filter of ventilation system in wafer diffusion production line. HY's quality management system, well organized by 40 professional Quality experts, is applying the SPC, Gage R&R, FMEA, CPK etc professional control techniques to the manufacturing process and also fully equipped with several adequate Hi-Rel LAB. facilities to ensure the product quality. Success to award the Certificate of ISO 14001/ UL/ SGS, etc. Besides, company also invested a perfect polluted water treatment facility to ensure the company's product quality image. In future, HY will continue to grow up, to satisfy customers' needs and provide more value added services.

Main Products

Manufacturer of bridge rectifiers, zener diodes, rectifier diodes, electronic rectifiers, surface mount rectifiers, schottky barrier rectifiers, super & ultra fast rectifiers, high efficiency rectifiers, fast recovery rectifiers, high speed switching diodes, silicone & high voltage rectifiers, diacs, transient voltage suppressors, dual in line & round bridge rectifiers, in line & square mounted bridge rectifiers, glass passivated rectifiers, regulator rectifiers.