Ningbo Jiajie Electronics Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer and exporter of wires & cable assemblies, including power cord, plugs, sockets, extension cords, power bars, night lighting and so on. Obtained safety certifications of 19 countries such as national CCC, American UL and CUL, Canada CSA, German VDE and GS, French NF, Netherlandish KEMA. Products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa, etc.

Main Products

wire & cable assembly, custom cable assemblies- (1) cables- standard plugs, American cables, UL plugs, VDE plugs, VDE cables, UK plugs, IRAM plugs, CUL plugs, GS plugs, 3C plugs, NF plugs, water proof ( waterproof, water-proof) plugs, power cables. (2) terminal blocks- extensive lines, extension cords, power cords, power strips, power bars, adaptors ( adapters), current taps. (3) conversion sockets- switch sockets. (4) wire rolls- lamps. (5) mini night lightings ( lights), trouble lights, lamps, lanterns, rechargeable spotlights ( spot lights), portable work lights ( worklights, work-lights, work lightings). (6) fluorescent tube holders- fluorescent lamp stands.