Franmar International Inc.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic components & parts, including switching power supplies, battery chargers and converters, battery chargers & medical grade power, etc. The customers' designs and OEM/ODM orders are welcome.

Main Products

electronic components & parts, switching power supply ( switching power supplies)- (1) auto parts, auto part- ATX powers, battery chargers, car ( automotives, vehicle, autos, automobiles) power adaptors ( adapters), converters, inverters, din rail ( dinrail) powers, industrial PC power supply, LCD TV power, linear AC AC & AC DC, medical powers, mobile ( cell, cellular) phone powers supplies, computer ( laptop) & high voltage & switch ( switching) mode & fanless external & quiet ( silent) & mean well power supplies, print power supply, solar battery chargers, laptop battery chargers, car battery charger, universal & alkaline battery chargers, lithium & digital camera battery chargers, battery & laptop power adapters, universal & international & travel power adapters, ipod, notebook, usb, laptop car, power cord adapters, AC DC adapters, desktop medical & portable power supply ( supplies), universal AC DC & AC to DC converters, 12 volt power supply and battery chargers, 24 VDC power supply & battery chargers, portable & alkaline battery chargers, PCB power supply switching, frame open PCB power supplies, IPC power supply, printer power supplies, computer & enclosed medical power supply, 24 volt power converters, 6, 9 & 36volt battery chargers, 1u power supply, 150 & 300w power supplies. (2) AC DC ( AC to DC) switching ( switches)- enclosed single & custom output switching powers supply, module power supply switching, open frame single, dual & triple power supply, openframe AC DC ( AC to DC) & U channel single & multiple output switching powers supply, U bracket switching power supplies, wall mount adapters, wall mounted adaptor interchangeable AC plugs, desktop adaptors, multi output ( multioutput) desk top adaptors, single & dual & triple output desktop adapters, universal AC DC adapters (adaptors), desktop medical power supply, 12 volt power supply, 6 & 9& 12 & 24 & 36 volt battery charger, 24 vdc power supply ( supplies), portable battery chargers, 300 w power, 150 watt & 1 u power supply, enclosed medical, computer, printer, IPC and frame open PCB power supply ( supplies), PCB power supply switching, alkaline battery chargers.