Ampire Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Ampire is a Taiwan-based LCD Module Manufacturer with over 15 years’ experience in the filed. To satisfy the various needs, Ampire provides diversified and high-quality products(TFT, CSTN, FSTN, STN, TN)with different technology(COF, COG, TAB & COB)and Custom Design ability. What Ampire vision is “Fit your display demand”. Our management concepts: 1. Invent products to meet customer demand. 2. Maximize shareholder profit with sustained good management. 3. Leverage employees’ specialties and encourage teamwor. And our long-term goals: 1. Become the No.1 brand in Taiwan. 2. Grow our company -- Taiwan U-AMPIRE (Ubiquitous-Ampire). 3. Focus on the future while drawing from our deep and strong Taiwan roots. Our products provide high quality and good service after-sales. We insist with customer satisfaction, efficient sales and production coordination, quality stability, performance advancement.

Main Products

Over 15 years experience in manufacturing LCD module related products- (1) LCD modules, LCD displays, TFT LCD panels, LCD display modules, TFT & STN LCD modules, FSTN LCD module, CSTN LCD modules, graphic type LCD module, LCMs. (2) liquid crystal displays, TFT displays, LCD monitors, LCD flat panel displays, TFT LCDs, color LCD, COF LCD, TAB LCD, COG LCD. (3) LCD accessory ( accessories)- black & white image storage IC, black & white quad processor IC, colour quad processor IC, dual cameras, digital still cameras, USB PC cameras, EL & CCFL inverters, backlight LCD modules, character LCD module, EL inverters, AD boards, LCD connectors ( connecters).