New Sun Far East Corp. Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

New Sun Far East is an established and recognized supplier to the very best automotive or construction repair distributor in North America and Europe and has been at the forefront of the professional tools market for more than 30 years. The current New Sun program comprises hand tools, OEM parts and small portion of DIY giftware and tool kits.

New Sun is committed to being a Quality Supplier.
1. Meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
2. Partnering with our suppliers and our customers.
3. Providing an atmosphere of employee involvement through trust, respect and teamwork.

Main Products

Our main products categories are as follows:
1. Digital Torque Wrench/Adjustables/Pliers/Pullers…ETC.
2. Tool kits & Tool storage
3. Chrome sockets, sets & accessories
4. Impact sockets, sets & accessories
5. Wrenches
6. Screwdrivers, hex keys & Drive bits
7. Pliers, cutters, snips & knives
8. Striking tools
9. Drills & Cutting tools
10. Measuring, test & Inspection tools
11. Material handling equipment
12. Plastic mold cases
13. Specialty tools
14. Safety equipment
15. Tiling tools
16. Working LED lights & flashlight
17. OEM parts
18. Giftware
19. Screws & Nuts