Seeku Technology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Since our origination in 1988, SeekU Technology has earned the reputation as a professional and experienced manufacture of CCTV cameras. We supply most of our worldwide customers on an OEM or ODM base. We offer a complete product range for our customers with top quality and competitive pricing. Our main manufacturing focus is high tech PTZ, IP PTZ, IP camera, IR cameras and control boxes of all kinds. We can provide your total solutions to integrated CCTV security demand ourselves. As for other types of cameras and DVR equipment, we choose the best from different manufactures, OEM with them and offer the end result to our customers. The products we offer are not only unique with extra features, but also provide the best quality and best price. Most important of all, we take full responsibility for the product we sell. Try us; give us a chance to make you a fortune.

Main Products

Manufacturer of CCTV cameras & accessories including PTZ camera, IP PTZ camera, IP & IR camera, auto tracking speed dome camera, outdoor speed dome, armor speed dome camera, mini speed dome camera, IP speed dome, outdoor IP speed dome, super IP & IR camera, long rang IR cameras, weatherproof IR cameras, vandal proof IR dome cameras, vehicle number plate recognition cameras, PTZ IR controller, control keypad, signal converter & amplifier, IR control for camera, armor dome housing, outdoor housing, reinforced wall mount bracket, flush mount bracket.