Cross Western Manufacturing Corp.

Manufacturer of Plastic Injection Molding Products.


Company Introduction

Founded in 1993, Cross-Western Manufacturing Corporation is a leading manufacturer of production of injection molding components, and got the ISO 9001:2000 certification. We are equipped with many production machines, thus we provide secondary operation, such as annealing, drilling, milling, turning, CNC-machining, painting, coating Ketc. Best known for our plastic injection molding, our product line have grown extensively. In nowadays, Cross-Western has recently finished variety of product lines which include automotive, bearing, mechanical, electronic, fluid, building, office, and other components. With 12 years experience both in manufacturing in plastic molding and in selling industrial product, we have formed both professional ability of technology to develop products and especial ability to search goods for you. We provide design, engineering, solution and products to customers. Not only can we offer best service and products in competitive price, but also we can design and develop new products which are according to customer's request and practice in the form of OEM.

Main Products

Manufacturer of plastic injection molding products, CNC machining parts, auto part, mechanical parts, brackets, mechanic fans, conveyor bearing, pipe fittings, metering & gear housings, transmission chain & gears, guiding tubes, valves, valve heads, spools, valves body, bearing races & seals, needle, rollers, ceramic balls, clutch plates, LCD bearings, piston, peek bearings.