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Payphone Billing Meter Gateway

payphone billing meter gateway

  • Model No: MPB-800/400/100
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

MPB-400/800 (4/8LCD) is a new generation of telephone accounting device. This products adopt newest circuit design, has excellent lightning-proof function, low power dissipation, high stability. This product adopts the large liquid crystal screen to show, humanized mode, elegant appearance, simple operation. It is easy to use. It satisfied the requirement of every telecom service provider, public payphone call shops or other enterprise.

Specification :

1. Four/eight phone lines centralized management.

2. Adapt to multiple rates request.

3. Forbid dialing certain numbers or set numbers free of charge.

4. Simultaneously display the duration and charges of 4/8 phone lines.

5. Support multiple billing methods: reverse signal billing, delay billing, forced billing and incoming.

6. Large LCD screen displays, on/off hook, lock/unlock line and billing status.

7. Query call dialed, duration and fees, and add up fees automatically.

8. Multiple protection function: lightning proof and ant-jamming.

9. Built-in 1200bps modem (optional) supporting remote rate update.

10. EBuilt-in rechargeable battery (optional). When power failure happens, it automatically switches on and can supply power for 8 hours.

11. Support standby rate and temporary rate. When time is set, the two types of rate can switch automatically.

12. Built-in prnter port support real-time printing.

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