Ace Plus Corp.

Manufacturer of Electronic, Electrical Components & Parts.


Company Introduction

Ace Plus designs, manufactures, and distributes upgrades for Network Hardware products. Ace Plus has offices in Taiwan, Brazil and direct sales to worldwide. We understand that the business of selling network services and products is a highly competitive one. To help differentiate your business and enable you to provide more cost effective infrastructure offerings, you require a vendor that provides competitive pricing and vertical market expertise. Ace Plus products are covering: electrical components & parts, include cable assemblies, fiber optic cables, network hardware products, router cables, media converters, switches, DVI & HDTV splitters, etc. And our products obtained ISO 9002 & ISO 9001 certifications. Over these years, we offer our clients all the resources they need to operate quickly, securely, flexibly, intelligently and profitably. Our main objective is to add value to our clients operations, leaving them free to focus on their core businesses.

Main Products

We provide (1) cable assemblies- data communication cables, fiber optics cables (connectors), USB cables & hubs, card readers, SATA cables, FC & SC patchcords. (2) Cisco compatible products- stackwise & SFP cables, router & TELCO cables, fiber & HSSI cables, gigastack cables. (3) DVI & HDMI extension modules (adptor), media converters, infiniband cables, video & audio splitters, extenders, PoE switches, web & managed switches, skype & DECT cordless phone base stations & hand sets. (4) gigabit & optic transceivers- GBIC & SFP (CWDM GBIC & SFP, BWDM GBIC & SFP, XFP & Xenpak) solutions, XFP ( SFP /GBIC) transceiver. (5) fiber optic enclosures.