Standard World Inc.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer & exporter of electrical, electronic parts & components, LED products, include LED adapters & chargers, switching power supply, LED posters, lamps & lightings, LED panels & signals, etc. Custom designs are also welcome.

Main Products

We sells products to electrical, electronic parts & components- (1) adapters- AC & Dc power adapters, AC & Dc power adapter ( adaptors), AC DC ( AC to DC) adapters, BNC & car adaptors, network & phone adaptors, USB adapters. (2) LED ( light emitting diode) products- advertisement signs & signboards ( sign boards), posters, indoor & outdoor LED display & lamps ( bulbs, lights lighting), LED display modules & flashers, indicators, & moving signs, LED panels & screen. (3) switching ( switch) power supply ( supplies), open frame power supply, battery chargers, cell ( mobile, cellular) phone battery chargers, TV ( RCA, IR, cameras) remote controllers.