Yi Chi Hsiung Industrial Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Yi Chi Hsiung Industrial Corp. is a specialist manufacturer of a full series of safety hooks, snap rings, rigging tackles, hinges, door bolts, gas lamps, and other hardware accessories. Materials are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy. Very well made products at reasonable price is an important element in winning the hearts of our customers worldwide. In the future, we will continue to work on upgrading the production techniques and employing more advanced machinery facilities to offer you better products. Traders, purchasers, agents, and OEM factories worldwide are more than welcome to cooperate in R&D and production. Looking forward to your coming.

Main Products

hardware & accessory (accessories)- (1) marine hardware, gas spring, gas springs. (2) aluminum alloy- aluminum snap hooks, aluminum alloy whsitle, aluminum figure eight & aluminum oval sleeves. (3) stainless steel- stainless steel snap hooks, double end & swivel loop snaps, swivel eye & jaw, swivel bolt & swivel bolt snaps, spring hooks, straight snap hooks (with eye), oval snap (with screws), spring eye hooks, spring open end hooks, swivel snap shackles, swivel snap shackles, fast rigid snap, fast swivel snaps, wire rope clips, wire rope clip light, eye bolts & nuts, turnbuckle (h/h type,e/e type,h/e type), turnbuckle jaw & jaw, open base cleat, swivel single pulleys, swivel single & double pulley, dee & round rings welded, round plates (with ring), pad eye, D shackle ( same size pin ), D shackle sink & square screw pins, long d & sheet shackle, twist shackle, u bolts, rigging screw jaw & jaw, trigger snap, quick link, quick link. external eye end, jaw slide, deck hing 90 o. (4) solid bronze polished- sb double end snap, sb swivel quick snap, sb open eye snap, sb fast rigid snap, sb fast swivel snap, sb rigid eye snap, sb rigid loop snap, sb rigid loop snap, sb rigid loop snap. (5) nickel plated- double end & swivel loop snaps, swivel eye / eye nickel plated (solid bronze polished), fast rigid snaps, swivel trigger snaps, rigid loop snaps, opening round rings, lanyard, malleable rigid single pulleys, malleable swivel double pulleys, malleable swivel eye/ eye, swivel bull snaps, zn swivel eye /eye zinc diecast, zn rigid panic & double end snaps. (6) telecommunication equipments, swing accessory ( accessories)- swing hangers (with nylon bushing), ductile iron wood beam swing hangers, ductile iron wood & beam swing hangers, plastic wood beam swing hanger, heavy duty tire & light duty tire swing swivels, tire eye bolts, pipe swing swivel, heavy duty tire swivels, tire u hooks, telescopes, periscopes, short hand grip, steering wheel, disc swing, trapeze ring , round & bars, telephone, trapeze delta ring trapeze bar and ring, mega seat, cleats, rigging tackles.