Chin Ray Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Established in 1979, Chin Ray Industrial Ltd always keep our insist on good quality for our gearless diaphragm pressure gauges. As a professional pressure gauges producer, we have designed and produced the highest quality tire pressure gauges since 1983. According to the report of the U.S.A. "CONSUMER REPORT", based on the following criteria: "ACCURACY" "EASY OF USE" "RUGGEDNESS" "READABILITY" "ADVANTAGED", Our model #TG-H3SR(now this model No is changed to TH-032) was selected as one of the best tire gauges among nearly 80 different gauges purchased in four large cities in the U.S.A. Our effort on keeping high quality for our tire pressure gauges let us be the supplier for "Harley Davidson", "BMW" . In 1994, we establish Hafner Gauges Division together with ¡uChin Ray Industrial Ltd¡vfor direction of our company on industrial pressure gauges. Also we establish Hafner International Company in 2003 for direction of our company on ¡uTire Pressure Gauges¡vand ¡uAutomotive Test Equipments¡v¡Aall we try to do is to offer a completely service to our customers. We got TUV/GS approval for our representive two products(one is Industry gauge and the other is Tire pressure gauge)on 1997. Hafner International Company also has a R. D team, if you have any OEM projection, please do not hesitate to contact us for a prompt personal reply.

Main Products

Manufacturer of (1) tire pressure gauges, gas test gauges, air and water pressure gauges, vacuum pressure gauges, ball pressure gauges, replacement and tachometer gauges. (2) automotive test equipments- compression testers, vacuum and fuel pump pressure testers, cylinder leakage testers, carburetor Synchronizer, fuel injection cleaners. (4) auto release valves, adjustable diaphragm pressure switches.