Sang Min International Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of security, safety systems over 15 years, main products include stretchable & truncheon stun guns, mini stun guns, multi function defenders, flashlights, police & military equipments, handcuffs, etc. 70% of products are exported to US, Germany, France, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, African countries, and Asian countries. OEM orders are welcome.

Main Products

security ( safety, safe, surveillance) product, police and military equipment- personal security, personal securities, stretchable & truncheon stung gun, mini stun gun, multi function defender, flashlight ( flash lights), sprayer & defender, bulletproof vest, handcuff, burglar alarm system, LED keychain ( key chain, key ring, keyring) light, personal alarm, pepper sprayer, baton, metal handcuff, traffic control product.