World Light Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electronic Ballasts.


Company Introduction

As the reliance in lighting products in daily life is increasing each day while these are an energy consuming product, the utilization of high-efficiency, long-service-life and energy saving lighting products began to be the mainstream of the market where it will be led into a world of “green lighting”. To be responsive to the developing trend of green lighting, the lighting industry is in a path to revolution, in which new technologies of light sources continue to be introduced, and the electric and electronic techniques have also been adopted in the realm of lighting which is on the threshold of a total electronic era, where fully digital electronic ballasts are destined to play the crucial part. World Light Lighting Technology possesses the advantage edge based on its complete integration of techniques and thus is able to own a foothold in the market of lighting as well as keep competitive fairly and rationally within the industry.

Devoted to ceaseless elevation of product quality and meeting the demands of the customers and the market, World Light Lighting Technology is proactive in the research and development of related products. The Company responds to the rapid changes in market demands with diversified products, creates profits with owned brands with high quality and yield rates and makes feedback to customers with satisfactory service quality. Over time, World Light Lighting Technology has pursued technical innovation and customer service with an attentive and preventive attitude to fulfill the vision of a sustainable business.

Main Products

Manufacturer of electronic ballasts, including preheated activation type electronic ballasts, rectangular box/ embedded type ballasts, PL ballasts, T5/T6 series ballasts, HID/dimmable ballasts, metal halide electronic ballasts, dimmable electronic ballasts.