GeniRay Technology Corp.

Manufacturer of Laser Microwelding Techniques.


Company Introduction

We greatly appreciate your attention for our products. Our Company, GeniRay technology Corp., has established laser microwelding techniques for welding extra thin sheet metal as well as extra fine parts with high quality and reliability. Our staffs are making strenuous efforts to built up more precision laser welding processes incorporating with different tradition manufacturing processes or non-traditional manufacturing processes. And our main products including laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling, laser marking, laser ablations, laser marking machine, etc. We ask your continuous support and encouragement for GeniRay Technology Corp., which provides high quality laser micorwelding technique and technical consulting for industries.

Main Products

Our products including (1) engineering laser welded steel endless belts- plain belts, perforated belts, drive tapes, special steel belts, stainless steel belts. (2) OLED fine mask- small size OLED mask, small & large size open mask. (3) laser plastic welding- laser transmission welding, weld seam design, contour welding, simultaneous welding, quasi-simultaneous welding, mask welding, globo welding. (4) laser micromachining- spot welding for evaporation mask, seam welding for transmission belt, fine wire butt welding, pin for dot matrix printer, fine metal wires joining, a-band, laser microcutting for metal, drilling for ceramic substrate, UV-laser for film process, UV-laser for ITO film process, infrared laser for ITO film process, laser selective ablation technology.