Haowave Cable Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Cables.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of optic electronic communication components including fiber optic cables, patch cords, connectors, adapters, attenuators, couples, patch panels, enclosures, transceivers, coaxial cable, LAN cables, cat5e, cat6, RF cables. And have acquired ISO 9001 & UL certification.

Main Products

Come to us for RF connector and audio/video connectors, cable assemblies and precision processing. electronic ( electric, electrical) communication components- (1) fiber optic cable, fiber optic cables, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic connector ( connecters), fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic patch cord ( patchcords), optic cable assembly, optic cable assemblies, fiber optic couplers, fiber optic coupler, fiber optics, optical cables, - indoor & outdoor, self supporting, ribbon, power, breakout tight buffer, duplex & simplex armored, cat5e, cat5, cat6, plastic optic fiber cables. (2) fiber optic ( fibre optical) components- armored patchcord ( patch cords), connectors, adapters, attenuators, repeaters, couplers, enclosures, optical cable assemblies. (3) ancillary equipment- patch panels, optical cable closures, fiber distribution frames, fiber polishers, fiber termination boxes. (4) transmission equipment- transceivers, transmitters, CWDM, DWDM. (5) drop & trunk coaxials, RF coaxial cables, LAN, lan cables, plug & jack cables, LAN testers, wires, connectors, electric coaxials, custom cable assembly, flexible, HDMI, copper wires, cables, din connecters, RF, radio frequency connectors.