Paconn Tech. Corp.

Manufacturer of Electronic, Electrical Parts & Components, RF Connectors.


Company Introduction

Paconn Tech. Corp. is one of the outstanding veteran for connector and cable assembly in Taiwan and China, owing to global quality tide; we are also ISO certificated, Today, Paconn produce several hundred products in almost all fields of electric and wireless. Paconn has accumulated extraordinary amount of experience R&D. Not only are we capable of developing entire range of plastic and metal in molding & stamping. Our advanced staff in high-precision interconnect allow us to provide our customers both standard and modified connector products. In addition, we also offer genuine and completely customized technical solution to meet requirement. Furthermore; Paconn operate the whole process of design from material choice to finished goods; which ensure our clients satisfy. Paconn welcome you to join and be honor to receive your support.

Main Products

Paconn is one of the outstanding veteran for connectors and cable assembly in Taiwan and China. Products include electrical parts & components, RF connector, cable assembly, modular connectors, pin connector, pin & boxes headers, board to board connecters, battery holders, card edges, D SUB, DVI connecters, earphone jacks, FPC connecters, I/O connectors, IC sockets, IEEE 1394 connectors, memory cards connectors & sockets, mini dins connecters & jumpers, power connecters and jacks, terminal blocks, AV connectors, DC power connecters, iPod plugs, RCA connectors.